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Our Community is your first stop to share experiences, thoughts, and seek advice. Create your own topics for discussion, ask questions, and participate in conversations initiated by other community members. To contribute, you need to create a free Xometry Pro account or log in using social networks or your account at,, or

Materials Library

A comprehensive library featuring materials used in various manufacturing technologies, complete with detailed properties and specifications.


A collection of articles written by Xometry’s engineers and professionals, providing valuable insights and expertise.

E-books and Guides

Download insightful ebooks and guides that offer in-depth knowledge and practical advice.


Participate in informative webinars featuring industry experts discussing the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.

Free Courses

Enroll in our courses to gain hands-on knowledge and skills, with structured lessons and interactive learning experiences. To access courses, you need a free Xometry Pro account.

Manufacturing Stories and Cases

How To Share Your Story on Xometry Pro?

If you want to share a story of how you designed and manufactured something cool, you can fill in this brief and our content manager will guide you through the publication process.

Free Tools

Explore free tools designed to assist engineers and product designers in their work, enhancing productivity.

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