Infographic: 3D Printing Process and Material Decision Guide

Choosing the right 3D printing process and material requires careful consideration of your project's requirements, constraints and priorities. Our new infographic shows how to make the right choice depending on parts specifications and necessary functional or aesthetic properties.

Do you know how to choose the right 3D printing process and material for your project? They can greatly affect its performance, appearance, and cost. 

These are several factors to consider when choosing 3D printing technology and process for your prototyping needs. Aesthetic factors include smoothness, colour, and opaqueness. Common functional properties are clip/snap features, metal, and rubber-like. In addition, you may require special properties like strength, food safety, biocompatibility, heat resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance. 

This infographic will guide you through 3D printing technologies that might be the right choice depending on your product application.

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