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Webinar: How to Create Better CAD Files for Your CNC Machining Parts

In this webinar tailored to engineers and product designers in the manufacturing industry, we will delve into practical design tips to significantly reduce CNC machining costs.

We’ll guide you through strategies to optimize designs, minimize material wastage, and fine-tune toolpaths, all aimed at cost reduction. The importance of tolerances in cost control will be emphasized, accompanied by real-world examples and case studies. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your cost-saving skills and boost manufacturing efficiency.

What and learn:

  • Introduction Xometry
  • Adjusting your design to standard machining tools
  • Thinking about work-holding when making a design
  • Features that are hard and expensive to manufacture
  • How tolerances impact the cost of parts
  • Top tips for tapped and threaded holes
  • Material finishes and post-processing selection
  • Proper 3D models for faster machining setup
  • Live demo
  • Q&A


  • Matthiew Dixon, Head of Sales UKIE
  • Attila Szucs, Sales Support Engineer