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7 Practical Design Tips to Reduce CNC Machining Costs

At Xometry we’ve worked on numerous CNC machining projects from serial manufacture to complex prototypes. There are several important aspects that make up the eventual part price, with the design being one of the most significant.

But what makes a great design for CNC machining? In this new webinar, our Application Engineer, Attila Szucs and Key Account Manager, Matthew Dixon, will discuss how you can reduce the costs of CNC machined parts by considering several design tips that you can use in your next project.

Watch and Learn:

  • Adjusting your design to standard machining tools 
  • Thinking about work-holding when making a design
  • Features that are hard and expensive to manufacture
  • How tolerances impact the cost of parts
  • Top tips for tapped and threaded holes
  • Material finishes and post processing selection
  • Proper 3D models for faster machining setup
  • Live demo: Using a CNC 3D model, how to get the best manufacturing prices from Xometry Instant Quoting Engine and reduce costs with DFM feedback.


  • Attila Szucs, Application Engineer
  • Matthew Dixon, Key Account Manager
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