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Busting Five Myths About Industrial 3D Printing

3D printing technologies are constantly evolving to meet the growing demands of diverse industries. At Xometry, we’ve noticed there are a number of common myths surrounding this technology, so we’re here to set the record straight!

Join Xometry experts Nikolaus Mroncz and Kate Severdova as they bust five myths about Industrial 3D printing. Gain in-depth knowledge and tips on 3D printing for industrial production and learn of successful 3D printing projects in the field.

Get ready to be inspired to use additive manufacturing for your next project!

Watch and learn:

  • Myth 1: 3D printing materials are limited to plastics
  • Myth 2: 3D printed parts are weak
  • Myth 3: 3D printed parts are not good enough for aesthetic applications
  • Myth 4: 3D printed parts have to be very small
  • Myth 5: 3D printing is only good for prototyping
  • Xometry Instant Quoting Engine™ Demo with industrial 3D printed part
  • Q & A Session


  • Nikolaus Mroncz, Sales Support Engineer
  • Kate Severdova, Key Account Manager (UK & IE)
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