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Deep Dive into HP’s MJF 3D Printing Technology

Want to accelerate innovation cycles and unlock complex geometries, individualization, and scalability? This webinar is for you.

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces highly accurate and durable parts at fast speeds, especially compared to other powder bed fusion technologies. MJF technology can be used for end-use, low-volume production, rapid prototyping, or as a bridge process to injection molding.

In this recorded webinar, the 3D printing team at HP teamed up with Greg Paulsen, Xometry’s Director of Applications Engineering, and Xometry Europe’s Nikolaus Mroncz for an in-depth discussion of their powerful MJF technology and explored its many advantages:

Watch and learn:

  • How MJF works and its benefits over other additive manufacturing methods
  • Get the most out of processable materials
  • Apply design strategies to save time and money on their parts
  • Unlock new design possibilities with expert design for manufacturability tips


  • Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering, Xometry
  • Nikolaus Mroncz, Additive Manufacturing Sales Engineering, Xometry Europe
  • Justin Hopkins, Manager of Application Engineering at HP
  • Dustin Kloempken, Application Engineer at HP

The panel finished the session with a live Q&A. The audience questions and panelists’ answers can be found below.

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